How to Pick the Right Insulation for your Building


Home insulation has become part of the building projects of any home because the insulation does play a critical role in the home making the lives of the households in the home as comfortable as possible and this is achieved because insulation ensures that enough heat flows into the home during winter but when the summer sets in, insulation functions to control the flow of heat to the home. Insulation is very important in the sense that it helps the home owner cut on energy bill expenditures as the complaints concerning cold in winter or hot in summer are eliminated all year round.

Despite the fact that there exist four types of insulation that are available and popular in the market, before you can install the insulation in your home, there are things that play a critical role in the choice of the insulation for your home and these include the type, material, and the location are the application of the insulation. The type, the material, as well as the location or the application are some of the things that should be considered when selecting the insulation that suits your home needs to be installed, and therefore one should not just go to the market and get the insulation that is available for them at that moment by experts from ATX Radiant Barrier & Insulation.

The first type of insulation that is available is the blanket insulation and it is very unique because an individual can install the insulation in their home by themselves without the help of an expert, and this type of insulation is available in batts or the rolls which are of different widths and thickness, and it comes with an added advantage of facing that forms a barrier to the entry of air and vapor to the home. During installation the homeowner is required to put on some protective clothing so that they avoid getting into contact with the fiberglass that irritate the skin and dangerous to the lungs, and the best place to install your blanket insulation is on the foundation walls, floors, and the ceilings. For further details regarding the types of insulation, go to

Spray foam insulation is available in liquid foam which can be sprayed, injected, poured or foamed in a specific place in the home, and unlike the blanket which happens to be cost-effective, the spray foam insulation is a bit costly. The spray foam is unique because it fits well into cracks, crevices or gaps thus preventing moisture into the home that might attract some pest.

The rigid foam is easier to install because it only needs to be cut into pieces with a knife, and it is costly compared to the blanket insulation by and it covers most of the parts of the home.

Loose fill insulation which is composed of fiber particles, foam, and other materials conforms to the area it is installed, and it is possible for one to install it is an irregularly shaped regions and cavities.


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